Old Svinesund Bridge

  • Old Svinesund Bridge
  • Old Svinesund Bridge
  • Old Svinesund Bridge
Original nameGamle Svinesundbrua
LocationHalden, Østfold, Norway
Strömstad, Västra Götalands län, Sweden
Statusin use
FunctionRoad bridge
ADT 20094940 vehicles, 2.51% heavy vehicles
DesignArch bridge
Length420 m
Height65 m
Clearance below58 m
Longest span165 m
Number of spans7
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About Old Svinesund Bridge

The old Svinesund bridge crossing the strait Svinesund, between Norway and Sweden. It was the first bridge connection on this line. Before that, there was a boat that went over the strait. Construction began in 1939 and 15 June 1946 it was opened.
Svinesund bridge has two lanes and is an arch bridge, the arch under the bridge. The bridge was protected by the Norwegian Directorate for Cultural Heritage which meant that the bridge is a symbol of the relationship between Norway and Sweden